Unprofessional Moving can be Expensive


Think Twice While Moving

The moment you think of moving you tense up. One of the most difficult
part is to choose the right Movers and Packers. Here are the 4 most
important things recommended by experts. You must be cautious while
finalizing who handles your packing and moving.

Fake Packers and Movers

Selection of genuine and experienced movers is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are several instances where movers' company officials came, packed valuables and promised to deliver but they never turned up. Make sure you always ask for government-approved identity proof of the movers' company.

What Services They Cover

Relocation is not just about packing and moving. It is remarkably considered of unpacking of items, storing your valuables, setting up of furniture and fixtures, etc. Further, be aware of whether your transportation will be on the dedicated vehicle or on the shared vehicle.

Unexpected Price Rise

Make sure the charges quoted at the beginning do not change over time. Unfair price rise can happen through several reasons to extort more out of you such as vehicle size, floor, extra labor charges, etc. refusal to pay may result in the mishandling of the consignment or even taking the consignment hostage.


It is always better to take recommendations from friends, colleagues or by researching online. All one needs to do is type-in on google for claims and reviews. Make sure they have good reviews, user rating and whether they have a legit website, etc. Experiences of previous customers are also a very good indicator of their quality.

Moving is Excited

Moving to New place is exciting, isn’t it?
New opportunities come with the New address. However, we also
understand relocation is often a stressful task. At Magic Wheels, we
initiate our proven system that takes care of all stress of packing
and moving so that your moving experience becomes delightful.

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