Keep in mind these Moving Tips if you are Relocating during Monsoon Season

Relocating your home or office from one place to another itself is a big task in the shifting process. But, during monsoon season it becomes even more challenging than other seasonsHowever, we need to take extra precautions and safety to avoid the hustle. The Monsoon Season is here. So we magicwheels has thought to share some useful tips for relocating your home during the rainy season if you are planning to move.

Choose Professional Packers and Movers

Not every Packers and Movers company provides efficient moving experience in the rainy season. Unprofessional Packers and Movers might use low-quality materials which can damage your goods during rain. So, the most important tip for monsoon shifting is to Choose Professional Packers and Movers. They will pack your items in waterproof packing materials to protect your items not to get damaged by rain.

Keep Plastic Garbage Bags

You will, of course, don’t want to carry things wet in your new home or office. Always keep plastic garbage bags handy while shifting in monsoon season. Plastic bags can be the lifesaver of your household items. It can be used to store a variety of items and move them easily.

Use Monsoon Footwear to Prevent Slipping

While shifting, you have to move here and there, a lot. During the rainy season, the floors and grounds are mostly wet. There are chances that you might slip and hurt yourself. It’s advisable to wear monsoon shoes or skid-proof footwear to avoid slipping. You can create temporary floor mats to get a grip on your feet.

Keep your Raincoat and Umbrella

Stay dry and Stay safe. You have to keep yourself dry and protect yourself from rain. Not only you, but every member also has to keep themselves dry. Getting wet in the rainy season can lead to seasonal flu, cold or viral. Also, an uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. Being unwell during relocation will ruin your shifting.

Start Moving Early

Rains are always unpredictable. It might take a longer time to reach your destination. During rains, there is always a possibility of more traffic and bad road condition. Your scheduling may get affected if you will not reach on time. It is advisable to leave early so that you can reach on time safely.

Use Closed Body Vehicle

Ask your movers to use closed body truck or any vehicle during rains. Even if they are using waterproof packing materials, chances are there that the belongings can get damaged. It is better to use a closed body vehicle to reach safely. Also, cover the vehicle again with the waterproof cloth or plastic for double security.

Get Insurance

Professional Packers and Movers always provides insurance of your household items during transit. But there are few Companies which does not provide insurance to make the quotation cheap. It is better to cross-check with your Packing and Moving company if they are providing insurance. The chances of damage are more during monsoon. Precaution is always better than cure.

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